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With more than 100 members, the triathlonclub ZVL-1886 is the one and only triathlon club in the area of Leiden and Leiderdorp. The club is part of the larger association ‘ZVL-1886’ which also includes a waterpolo division, competitive swimming as well as it provides swimming lessons for children. While most of the athletes are Dutch, there are a number of international athletes who are active members of the organization.
New! ZVL-1886 triathlon recently started a youth division! Childeren from ten years and older are welcome to join us.


A team of six trainers, certified by the NTB (Nederlandse Triathlon Bond) provides running, swimming and cycling trainings during the whole year. While most trainers can speak English, trainings are given in Dutch. This is usually not a problem for non Dutch speaking athletes as trainers as well as other athletes are willing to translate based on needs. During swimming trainings, the trainers always provide a written training plan, which makes it easier to follow the training. You will also discover that once you learn the basic terminology in Dutch, you will be quickly able to understand the exercises during the trainings. An overview of the when and where trainings take place can be found at the following page (Dutch only). Here below a short description:

The swimming trainings take place the whole year. During most of the year there will be three swimming tranings available
– Monday from 21.15 to 22.15 ( from September until April)
– Thursday from 19.00 to 20.30 (from September until June)
– Saturday from 10.15 to 11.00 (from September until June)

Between the period of May and July we also train in an outdoor 50 meters pool on Tuesday from 19.00 to 20.00. In addition, during the summer, most athletes will arrange to go swimming together in open water at locations like the lake Vlietland or de river Dwarswatering.

Cycling trainings only take place during the spring/summer. When the indoor swimming training on Mondays ends in April/May, the cycling trainings begin. The trainings start at 19.00 and continues for 1.30-2 hours, depending on length of daylight. A second cycling trainings take places on Sunday mornings in the period between March and September. Often this trainings focus on the transition from bike to run (you will be asked to bring your running shoes)

There are two running trainings. The first one takes place on Wednesday from 19.30 to 21.00 on an athletic track. This sessions are mostly focused on interval trainings to build speed and technique. This training officially ends in the summer holidays of July and August, however the track is available and sometimes trainers organize extra trainings also during this period. During the winter seasons, between October and April, we run in the beautiful dunes in Katwijk from 10.00 to 11.30. Here the focus is more on building strength.


Our club is also present in the official NTB competitions organized in the Netherlands. The club has two men team, respectively in the 1st and 3rd division, and one women team, also in the 1st division. The official race season starts at the end of April and ends in September. Each team participates with four athletes in five races around the Netherlands. The format of the race can vary from individual races, team races and relays.


Beside trainings, we organize a number of activities. This goes from swim analysis, club competitions, dinners and the yearly training weekend. During training weekend (usually in April)  a group of 30 to 40 athletes goes from Friday to Sunday to a location in the Netherlands for an intensive weekend of swimming, biking and running. A great opportunity to socialize with the other team members while preparing for the upcoming races.

The costs for some of these activities, although partially sponsored by the club, are extra and therefore not included in the monthly contribution.


Every year, the club gives the opportunity to its members to buy, at very reasonable price, the club sport clothes that they need for training and races. We offer a large selection of clothes, from running t-shirt and cycling pants, all the way to tri-suits.


There are three possible ways to join the club:
– drooglid: literately, dry member. These members can only join the running and cycling trainings
– recreatief lid: these members can join one swimming training a week
– wedstrijd lid: these members can join all trainings

In addition to the contribution to the club, recreatif and wedstrijd members are obliged to purchase an NTB basic license. This gives them insurance during the trainings activities (in addition to a subscription to the bi-monthly magazine Transition). The purchasing of the license goes via the club. Athletes that regularly participate to races are advised to puchase a complementary Athlete license, which eliminates the obligation to buy a day license during race day.

For prices of the contribution and NTB licences click on the following page (Dutch only)


Are you interested in joining ZVL-1886? It is possible to join our club every quarter. Every quarter, we organise an open week where you can train with us. After that week you decide if you’d like become a member!
The open weeks are held every:
– March
– June
– September
– December

You can sign up for the open week by sending an email to

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